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Dominique Young

"Steven is by far the best makeup artist that has ever graced my face. I was immediately in love with the makeup of another client and called him ASAP!!! He is very progressional and friendly with his clients and I love how he always makes time for me. I am a life long client!!"

~Dominique Young

Heather Lewis

"Steven ColeColors Coleman is phenomenal. Hands down, he's the best makeup artist around. I have never been a fan of having my makeup done professionally because every artist had always made me look like someone else or too fake. In the last year, Steven has done my makeup three times, including my wedding day. Each time he was able to enhance my features without making me look like a different person. Also, out of the three events, my wedding day makeup was truly the most gorgeous. He can clearly deliver the appropriate look for a particular event. On the business side of ColeColors, Steven is punctual, extremely professional and a creative genius with his makeup brushes. He is very neat, organized and he uses great products. He provided the makeup for my bridal party. While maintaining efficiency, he delivered unique looks to all eight of us and had all of us looking amazing. His communication skills are very effective, which is very important. In my opinion, it's just one of his attributes that set him apart from so many other makeup artists. I recommend him all of the time and look forward to my own events so I may sit in his make up chair once again."

~Mrs. Heather Lewis

Monica Cabrera

"Passionate, personalized, prompt, and professional service is what you can come to expect each and every time that you book Steven Coleman as your makeup artist. You may find yourself asking, 'What separates him from the pack of others makeup artists here in Houston?" The answer is an easy one. Not only is Steven awesomely gifted but he also possesses the ability to simultaneously lift your mood with his vibrant personality and energy. With him, no two appointments will ever be routine or identical. He engages you by asking about the type of event you're attending, any pertinent themes, ensures that your makeup is age/event appropriate and takes into consideration your overall personal style. He's been such a burst of fresh air each time that he's done my makeup over the years and I love knowing that now with the introduction of coleColors LipJubilee, I can take a little piece of his art and hard work with me everywhere I go. I'm confident that each woman who finds herself wearing coleColors LipJubilee will find her gorgeous pout going from a party of one to a party for two!"

~Monica Cabrera

Donica' Beckett

"Steven's talent is the epitome of "Art Defining Beauty". He has the gift of bringing the masterpieces of his clients' features to life, while reminding them of their natural beauty. He also delivers exceptional knowledge of his craft, professionalism and customer service--making him a wholistic artist that's tough to beat. Expect to receive "star quality" treatment from Steven, no matter who you are."

~Donica' Beckett

Marmar K.

"I can honestly tell you I never feel more beautiful than when I leave my favorite make up artist, Steven Coleman. Steven has done my make up for over five years now, and I have been beyond pleased each and every time. Do yourself a favor and see Steven!"

~Marmar K.

Cherie Johnson

"Steven ColeColors Colman is a true talented artist! I fell in love with myself when I got out of his chair. His gentle touch, sweet personality makes his chair my #1 pick. Thank you Steven!"

~Cherie Johnson


"Thank you again for making us look SO good! Thank goodness for makeup and makeup artists like you! The photos wouldn't look so good otherwise, hehehe! =D

~Tina Lynn Ho

Lilian Tolbert

"This testimonial is to share the miracles the fearless Mr Colecolors can create with his brushes, fingers, and keen sense of style. He makes it seem easy but he creates art pieces everytime. He has a timeless sense of style. Trust, he will put them colors on ya. He did it for me."