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-Steven Coleman


Steven D. Coleman is a distinctive and colorful artist who has established a reputation for himself by exhibiting an artistic aptitude for making people beautiful, not only in the natural realm but also the avant-garde image.Through exploring and experimenting with his passion for art and drawing, Steven found himself naturally in front of life’s canvas; the face. His creativity and love for timeless masterpieces is exhibited in all tones, features, and textures that he uses to accomplish complimenting the face. He transforms his clients using a wide array of exotic colors, glitters, and charcoals that also allows him to be able to compound, blend, glamorize, and evoke.  As the Founder/CEO of coleCOLORS LLC., he is dedicated to leading and accomplishing an infinite amount of things, with limitless potential and possibilities. Clients are genuinely amazed at the personal makeup metamorphoses every face exhibits at Steven’s hands. They can’t help but notice a remarkable transition; a true difference between their before and after.

In addition to his many accomplishments, his work has been displayed in magazines, videos and media productions such as Brune Magazine in Paris (2014), Houston Chronicle Style Profile (2014), D-Mars Publication (2015), VH1, TLC, and BET. His clientele includes Keri Hilson, Victoria Osteen, Cherie Johnson (Punky Brewster/Family Matters) actors, actresses, magazine cover models, celebrity wives and various local Houstonians just to name a few.

Steven is listed amongst the “Who’s who in Houston’s elite circle of makeup artists,” he’s rapidly expanding his reputation and is also becoming more known in Barbados, Africa, St. Lucia, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York. He was also the 2013 Remy Martin Ringleader for the Houston Metropolitan Area and the head makeup artist for Wal-Mart Marketing Commercials. The “man behind the brushes” does what he knows best; defining and enhancing beauty, one face at a time.

After two years of thinking and brainstorming of a lip gloss that would be suitable for all ages and races of women, Steven sought out to develop something that other makeup lines were not offering. As a former microbiologist, he began mixing colors and ingredients in his kitchen and giving samples to clients for feedback. He sought to develop a smooth, non-sticky powerful in color gloss.  After months of research and reviewing feedback from clients, he found a distributor that was able to produce a soothing, non-sticky lip-gloss with high color intensity. Work began immediately to create “coleCOLORS Lipgloss”. The product is made and distributed in Canada with organic and natural ingredients.  As the years progressed and the business grew, coleCOLORS would eventually expand its global brand to include the MR. and MRS. coleCOLORS Skin Care line for men and women. Mr. coleCOLORS himself for so many years focused on making women and men beautiful through the artistry of makeup but he wanted to create a product that would benefit men and women alike. He has always known the benefit of skin care before makeup and constantly stressed this important concept to clients. The skin and its condition are most important before any application.

One will find that if the skin is accustomed to a good quality cleaning/treatment regimen, the makeup will do its job to the maximum capacity with using a very minimal amount.  In makeup terms, this is called a "Flawless Beat" (a great smooth like butter makeup application).  MR. and MRS. Skin Care line has been carefully researched and tested on live individuals (NO ANIMAL TESTING) to show the effectiveness of its active and natural ingredients. The skin care has already received rave reviews and has also produced great results in the testing stage.  Another quality product from coleCOLORS will be available for purchase August 2015. The inspiration behind coleCOLORS products lies not only in Steven’s passion for beauty but his strong commitment to education. Steven, a graduate of the University of Houston, believes that education and perseverance is the key to his success. He wants to leave a legacy that will last for years to come by helping his nephew, Jaden Brooks-Parker, and other minority young men believe that you can become whatever you want and be successful.


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